tutorAre you a Tutor of IB students? Use our materials confidently and profitably.

The site is designed so that it is free for you the teacher, and the parents pay for the children’s access.  If you believe you may have more than five students, please join our referral and affiliate program. Please contact us for more information.

The IB Library will save you time as well. We have developed our easy to navigate site so that the child will want to visit each and every day. It can be used to assist with various homework assignments. It is a place that both of you can trust.

We justify why and how our books meet the specific elements of the IB PYP Programme under the watchful eye of an IB PYP trained and experienced classroom teacher. The materials are hand selected and then “aligned” with the IB PYP curriculum by IB PYP teachers. Our data base is the only data base that shows our commitment to using “global” authors. We list where our authors and books are from as part of their alignment.

We support tutors and homeschool parents to the utmost. Please contact us for more information.