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The author, Deborah Janet Knight, is based out of Africa.

  • Using one of the many official Languages of Africa, translate this book into one (or more) of them. Click here for more information…
  • Use Native Speaking students to assist in this process. You may also ask their parents to assist as well.
  • Once translated, have the Foreign Language Speaking students use the translated book to teach the Native English Speaking students.
  • Since this is a book about Wild Animals, research Wild Animals native to Africa.
  • You may also want to research famous African landmarks.
  • Publish your translated book(s) on the STAC!


  • Students can create drawings/paintings conveying the feelings they had while reading the story.
  • Students can create drawings/ paintings of their favorite African landmark.
  • Students can create posters conveying messages to go with the story.
  • Students can create clay models of an animal from the story.
  • Students can research famous African Artists.
    Post and share pictures of your creations on the STAC.


  • Students can research famous African Musicians.
  • Students can learn animal related songs and perform them- either by singing or playing a simple instrument.
  • Students can create a simple song/ lyrics conveying the important message(s) or facts in the story, along with the feelings connected with the story.
  • Post and share your songs on the STAC!


  • Students can simulate how the different animals act, sound and move using their bodies.
  • Students can simulate the activities the humans were doing in the story.
  • Students can describe, and act out, the feelings they had during different parts of the story.
  • Record, post and share your activities on the STAC!


  • Use this book to teach “Character Education” themes, Attitudes and Profiles including… commitment, confidence, kindness, caring, friendship, bravery, cooperation, respect, manners and independence.
  • Have students discuss the feelings they experienced while reading this story.
  • Have students re-enact parts of the story, showing what they would do in the same situation or if the scenario was changed.
  • Share your ideas with others on the STAC!


  • Did you create something for this book or this Unit of Inquiry? (Ex. poster, reproducible, game board and pieces, activity cards, etc. ) Contact us- we might just publish it and add it to this book/ materials we offer.
  • Do you have more ideas? Let us know!