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teacher1Our Inquiry Based Lesson Guides show you how you can use our IB Profiled books to:

– Promote Inquiry within your learning and teaching- we help you and your students to ask more meaningful questions!
– Assist in creating global minded, excited, life-long learners.
– Bring attention to global issues that have significant social, emotional and environmental impacts on our world.
– Promote tolerance and appreciation of different cultures from around the world.
– Empower your students with the skills of critical thinking, self-reflection and action.

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Teacher’s Review & Discussion
(Example Teacher & Student Guide)

Often we are asked the following two questions:

1. How do you “align and curate” your books to meet the principles of Inquiry Based Learning and International Baccalaureate?

2. What does a Teacher and Student Guide look like for these books?
Below you will find the answers to those questions using a lovely story about Ravi the Rickshaw.

2013MontyBarbaraReview by Barbie Monty, PYP Teacher

Ms. Monty is currently is a PYP 5th grade teacher and In-service Coordinator for the faculty at CDS IB World School. She has been teaching for twenty-two years and her school has become one of the six schools in the US to offer the full continuum of IB Programmes – PYP, MYP, and DP. One of the highlights of her teaching career has been facilitating the PYP Exhibition with her students each year. “Exhibition is one of the most exciting times in the life of a PYP student and a PYP teacher,” states Barbie. “In a teaching career that spans more than twenty years, some of the most powerful learning experiences have occurred during the Exhibition – both inside and outside my classroom. I love seeing my students become so involved and passionate about their learning.” Barbie was awarded a Reflex Educator Grant in 2014 which awards exceptional educators with an opportunity to use Explore Learning Reflex, a revolutionary math fact fluency program, with a classroom of students for one year.

image002As a Teacher

As a teacher, the beginning spoke volumes to me offering a prime opportunity to impress upon my students the wisdom we can gain from others (especially from our elder generation) if only we pause and listen – so many people have valuable stories to share.

I was immediately drawn into the story with the children gathering at the feet of the wise old character named Babu as they begged for him to tell them a story.


I also loved that Ravi exposes students to the beautiful culture of India through the story itself and the beautiful, rich, colorful illustrations. Not only can students learn where India is located in relation to their own country, but they can also have a chance to research and share more about India’s culture. A research piece would give students an opportunity to glean more facts about India and its geography, nature, people, culture government, economy, and even the rich history of India. This would give students an opportunity to explore India on a deeper level.


Ravi is presented in such a way that students will certainly feel Empathy for him as he experiences such a wide range of emotions throughout the story. Students will be able to feel his insecurities, his fears, his lack of knowledge, his nervousness, his confusion, and his loneliness. These are all feelings students have felt at one time or another or will feel at some point. Through Ravi, the author gives students a voice and an opportunity to learn how to handle these feelings when they experience them. I believe Ravi sharing how he feels will empower students to share how they feel more often. I especially noted the paragraph where Ravi, as a newly built rickshaw in the factory, was caught up admiring his appearance much to the dismay of the other rickshaws behind him. I could see this giving teachers an opportunity to have a discussion about the dangers of having too much pride in oneself. This certainly would enable a discussion on the importance of having Confidence but to caution students about having an over-abundance of Confidence in oneself. I think this certainly could lead to a discussion on the benefits of being Balanced.

Reading how nervous Ravi was about entering the big world outside the factory made me think of uncertainties/insecurities that our very own students feel at various stages in their own lives. This could help students who are nervous because they have just started at a new school, are beginning a new school year, are joining a new sports team, or feel nervous for various other reasons. Again, this allows Ravi to give students a chance to examine their own feelings and realize they are not the only ones that feel this way and offers an opportunity for them to share and gain Confidence.

I believe sharing Ravi the Rickshaw – The Monsoon with students could certainly open a dialogue for students to share examples of times they have felt a lack of Confidence. I believe Ravi is a character that students could most definitely relate to and would be willing to share times they were lacking Confidence like Ravi. I believe Ravi can inspire students to become Risk-Takers.

Students will really be able to relate to Ravi and his experiences. I loved that Mr. Sinclair gave Ravi an older friend on which he could lean in order to help him gain his Confidence. I believe students need excellent role models in their lives and having Ravi listen to Sri serves as an excellent example for students. This certainly should be highlighted when sharing this book with a class. I especially like that Ravi learned, in order to become Knowledgeable and gain Confidence, it is helpful to be an Inquirer.

image005STEM: Weather

The story offers an excellent opportunity to pair a rich story with a unit on weather specifically focusing on monsoons which many students in certain parts of the world know very little about because they do not experience them. I like the fact that the author highlighted the benefits of the monsoon as well as the disadvantages. This gave Ravi an opportunity to learn that some events can be both dangerous and beneficial at the same time. Since a big part of Ravi the Rickshaw – The Monsoon is the monsoon, I thought it would be a great time to bring in some activities for students related to weather. That is why I chose to include the link to the Weatherwizkids.com so students could explore more about rain, floods, and other weather systems. I really thought students would enjoy the experiments that they find on the site as well as all of the additional information. Also, I think this would be a prime opportunity to connect with a local meteorologist in the classroom or with one around the world through Skype or a Google Hangout.


Ravi the Rickshaw – The Monsoon is most definitely an incredible story that offers valuable learning experiences for any classroom. These learning experiences are beneficial to students both academically and socially. I feel quite confident that teachers around the world would be thoroughly pleased with what transpires in their classroom after sharing this delightful, culture rich story with their students.

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