honeylandschoolsThe IB Library is always free for teachers!  We also offer a branded solution to schools.

The IB Library is a major time-saver for teachers.  The benefits to your school start immediately.  Since it is always free for teachers, and the cost will be carried by parent participation, your school will save money while supplementing the curriculum with authentic IB books and materials.

Homework assignments, reading assignments, reading logs, book reports, research assignments and more can be assigned as a class or grade level, according to the Transdisciplinary Themes/Unit of Inquiry, Central Idea or Attitudes/Profiles that are currently being studied.

Since these are Ebooks and not physical books there is no limit to how many students can use these materials at once. There is also no worry about damaged books or books not being returned to school.

Differentiation is made easier because a student can select and read based on their own reading level and interest, not just what the class is reading.

Parents can read along with their students when viewing one of our dual language books! No more frustration and struggle for the parents of ESOL/ELL students who truly want to help but don’t read English themselves.

We are under construction and in beta-test for 2014. We offer “free” usage to qualified teachers and schools that are willing to assist us with usability issues and suffer the occasional bug. We are PYP only for the first implementation. MYP is scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2014.

Would your school like to beta-test with us? Please contact us.