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Questions for Leading an Inquiry Learning Lesson

We have recently posted a series of Inquiry Learning tutorials, including a video that gives examples of how to lead an inquiry learning session. goes a step further with an article that gives examples of inquiry based questions. Such questions should encourage critical thinking, be open-ended, and should have more than one possible answer. Click here to read the full article.

The IB Library is thrilled to have one of its PYP curated ebooks featured in the article along with questions from an Inquiry Based ESL Lesson Plan. The book featured is European Folktales by Balazs Szarka. See how the questions below are open-ended, have multiple answers, AND drive students to really think:

  • What is the Old World? Why USA is not a part of the Old World? What do you know about Old World?
  • What folk tales are coming from the Old World? What is your favourite folk tale from the Old World and why? How do you feel about it? What it teaches us?
  • How would you change the ending to your favourite folk tale? Tell how things would be different, better or worse?
  • Compare and contrast two different folk tales from the story. How are they alike and different?

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