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My PYP Reflection Journal – “An amazing Tool…”

Riaan Nagel

Riaan Nagel is a PYP Homeroom at the Golden Apple Tianfu International Preschool and Kindergarten located in China. He’s been a PYP homeroom teacher since 2011, and before that he was an ESL teacher for 5 years. His teaching goals include helping students develop transdisciplinary skills, such as research skills, communication skills, thinking skills, self-management skills and social skills. He actively promotes the attitudes and and understanding of the PYP concepts in his classroom. You can find out more about Riaan and the work he does on LinkedIn. You can also follow him on Twitter.

Riaan recently had the opportunity to review The IB Library’s ‘My PYP Reflection Journal’. Here’s what he had to say:

“I have to say it is really an amazing tool. I shared it with some of my colleagues and the consensus was that it is great assessment tool for teachers and an even better tool for the students. We were impressed by how much thought went into this journal and it is nice to know that you guys at the IB Library are coming up with these amazing ideas. For older students this journal is perfect! They will be able to think for themselves and to reflect on the things they have learned. Currently it is up to the teacher to ask these questions and hoping that we might encourage our students to think further or reflect. This journal will be a valuable resource as it will help us tremendously in our daily teachings.”

Find out for yourself what ‘My PYP Reflection Journal’ has to offer! Our unique reflection journals are created by an experienced IB Primary Teacher with students and ease of classroom use in mind. Our reflection journals offer an unparalleled learning opportunity. For more information click here.

Mrs. Lisa MacLeod
Director, Teacher and Parent Advocate
The IB | A Division of
Boca Raton, Florida, USA

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“PYP (including the Early Years) lays the foundation of International-Mindedness. It opens the minds of Teachers, Students and Families beginning at an early age. When this focus starts in PYP, carries through MYP, then into DP, the International-Mindedness of Students is that much stronger. It is more broad in thinking, less narrow minded or superficial. It doesn’t just skim the surface, it would have had time to grow in the minds and hearts of the Students, with the support of their Teachers and Families, and be very deeply rooted by time they get to DP.” ~ Lisa MacLeod