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More reasons Parents should Read to their Tots!

We’ve written posts before about the importance of parents reading to their children. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has now announced its recommendation, underscoring how reading effects a young child’s development. The AAP now has a policy advising doctors to tell parents about daily reading to their children, from the age of less than a year through kindergarten.

  • What benefits do babies and toddlers receive when someone reads to them?
  • Earlier word recognition
  • Earlier phrase and sentence formation
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Increased independence
  • Increased sense of security
  • Increased creativity

Source: Parents: Read to Your Young Children!

Unfortunately, the AAP reports that only one in three children living in poverty parents that read to them consistently. The IB Library is here to help! We are proud to offer a FREE digital online library. All 200+ of our wonderfully engaging inquiry based children’s eBooks have been carefully hand selected and aligned with the Programme of Inquiry by our IB trained staff as well as our experienced team of teachers.

“A to Z My Alphabet Zoo” by Martha Silvestro is one example of our EYP/PYP ebooks. Click here for more information about the book.

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