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From an IB Teacher – “…incredibly effective for IB Learner Profile…”

Mr. Tyler Fischer

Mr. Tyler Fischer is one of the newest members of the SIS Swiss International School Brazil, and is currently holding a Year 2/3 classroom teacher position.Tyler Fischer graduated in June 2012 from the University of Toronto (OISE), with a pedagogical focus on anti-oppression and social justice in the Inner City Option.   You can find out more about Mr. Fischer’s background by visiting his LinkedIn Profile.

His school was a proud participant of The IB Library’s latest Dual Language Project.

He’s had the opportunity to read and review the attitudes and learner profiles that are targeted by The IB Library’s Free Ebook Catalog and accompanying Teacher/Student guides:

“I find your website and ebooks incredibly effective for IB Learner Profile/Attitudes lessons.”
Mr. Tyler Fisher

Wandering Sam – One of our Many FREE Ebooks

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Mrs. Lisa MacLeod

Director, Teacher and Parent Advocate
The IB | A Division of
Boca Raton, Florida, USA

Linked In Profile

“PYP (including the Early Years) lays the foundation of International-Mindedness. It opens the minds of Teachers, Students and Families beginning at an early age. When this focus starts in PYP, carries through MYP, then into DP, the International-Mindedness of Students is that much stronger. It is more broad in thinking, less narrow minded or superficial. It doesn’t just skim the surface, it would have had time to grow in the minds and hearts of the Students, with the support of their Teachers and Families, and be very deeply rooted by time they get to DP.” ~ Lisa MacLeod