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Free Range Roving in the EYP and PYP Classrooms?

We know that in order to make Inquiry Learning work, we must allow children to have more unstructured classroom activity. We also know that children have natural impulses to move, and that they show their enthusiasm through physical activity. Well, we’ve found one school in Tokyo that may have found the perfect way to incorporate instant free movement into the classroom. Pssst: it is a classroom WITHOUT WALLS! Check out the full article by Robby Berman here.

We would love to know more about this extreme “learning by discovery” method! We are reaching out to our fellow IB teachers who have seen this method in place to ask:

  • How do teachers get kids to come back?
  • How are the strengths and weaknesses assessed of the children that participate in this program?


Let us know so we can share!

Mrs. Lisa MacLeod
Director, Teacher and Parent Advocate
The IB | A Division of
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