student-with-ipad-technology-in-the-classroom1The IB Library will be the world’s largest online repository of authentic IB aligned and curated Ebooks and materials. It will include an extensive collection of IB Teacher-generated lesson plans, promote reflection, action, and global collaboration via the copyrighted Connect & Collaborate link on .

Our Vision

We envision an interactive online community of students, parents, teachers and schools connecting with each other from around the globe.

Over 250 ebooks and teacher’s lessons are hand selected and then “aligned” with the IB curriculum by IB teachers and IB educators.

IB teachers are also creating Lesson Guides for each of the book and we are aggressively purchasing IB teacher plans. So when you select one of our books you will know exactly how it fits with IB and how to most effectively use it in your classroom or with your child.

Our database also shows our commitment to using “global” authors. We list where our authors and books are from and we make it easy for students to contact the authors of our ebooks for questions and further learning.

Always Free For Teachers

The IB Library is always free for teachers. We believe that teachers are the key to learning success- and what teacher couldn’t use something free to enhance their classroom? We also believe it is a big time saver with regards to finding authentic and appropriate IB materials.

  • The largest online repository of authentic IB aligned and curated Ebooks and materials in the world
  • Our authors and materials are from almost every Continent on the globe!
  • Parent, Student, Teacher Friendly site – easy to navigate and fun to use.
  • IB teachers are the creators of our Lesson Guides for each of our books.
  • Perfect for anyone who wants to add IB PYP based learning to their own curriculum.

Worldwide Connections

Our parent company Publish on Demand Global is an international ebook aggregator, publisher and technology company. We have business in the US, UK, Australia, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, India and more. We attend the major global book fairs and we know this ebook industry better than most anyone. We employ about 100 people around the world, all virtual.