TIBL Provides Free Services to US Title-1 IB Schools

The IB Library is providing services to the 6th largest IB/Public School system in the USA, the south Florida Palm Beach School District (PBSD).  Three of the [...]

TIBL Contracts With the 6th Largest IB & Public School District in the USA

TheIBLibrary.com Contracts with the 6th Largest IB Public School District in America.    The Palm Beach School District (PBSD) in South Florida, USA  is [...]

Follett Education Carries TIBL Books & Ebooks

TIBL's initial 200 books and ebooks that are aligned and curated for IB are now available for purchase inside Follett's acclaimed Titlewave library solution. [...]

73% of kids age 6-17 say, “I would read more if I could find more books that I like”.

A very good article about book discovery for children was posted at Good e-Reader. Read the full [...]

Metacognition- Get those brains moving!

Giving students the ability to think about their thoughts with the aim of improving learning... [...]

The Inquiry Process

Inq Process
Here is a terrific article from Youth Learn. It describes the Inquiry Process and how to apply it in your classroom. Wonderful graphic [...]

The IB Library.com

We have so many things "in the works" at The IB Library.com.  We can't wait to share it all with you!     Monday, June 9, [...]

What in the WORLD? In your IB PYPclassroom…

There are so many unique ways teachers across the WORLD implement IB PYP into their classrooms each and every day.  Let's share your stories! Have [...]

Connecting Our IB PYP WORLDS- schools from across the Globe

  What in the WORLD are you doing at your IB PYP School?  Let's learn about each other and connect our WORLDS!     Have [...]