Inquiry Learning

Free Range Roving in the EYP and PYP Classrooms?

We know that in order to make Inquiry Learning work, we must allow children to have more unstructured classroom activity. We also know that children have [...]

“Red Star Red Tara” – PYP Book with Foreward by Dalai Lama

The IB Library offers 200 curated Ebooks for EYP and PYP readers in its Inquiry Based Digital Library. "Red Star Red Tara" by Zedar Thomey is one of the books [...]

The 5 Phases of Inquiry-Based Learning

We had to share this wonderful Inquiry Learning Infographic. The 5 Phases of Inquiry Learning in an easy to read, easy to understand, fun, informative and [...]

Questions for Leading an Inquiry Learning Lesson

We have recently posted a series of Inquiry Learning tutorials, including a video that gives examples of how to lead an inquiry learning session. [...]

Inquiry Learning with Digital Libraries

How big of an impact has technology had in your classroom over the last year? How much of an impact will technology have in your classroom over the next five [...]

The Benefits of Inquiry Learning in a Nutshell!

We're here to talk again about Inquiry Learning! We've provided you with videos that define Inquiry Learning, provide a step by step on how it works, AND show [...]

More on Inquiry Learning – How to LEAD your Class

We're here to talk again about Inquiry Learning! We've provided you with videos that offer a solid definition of Inquiry Learning, and a step by step on how it [...]

Arts and Crafts naturally fit with Inquiry Learning

Arts and crafts are a natural part of Inquiry Based Learning for EYP and PYP students. Tiny hands work with paints, crayons, blocks and other materials. While [...]

Inquiry Based Learning – STEP by STEP!

We've provided a 'how to' on Inquiry Learning a couple of weeks ago, but this short and simple video provides a true Step-By-Step. From, we [...]

Inquiry Learning Defined!

We've written posts before defining the concept of Inquiry Learning, but this video from does it best! Mrs. Lisa MacLeod Director, [...]