Teacher Says… TIBL you have made my year!

image001 You truly are AMAZING! I love this idea! I cannot wait to share it with my students! This is perfect. I absolutely cannot wait to see what transpires. So EXCITED! (Can you tell?!) Oh, and by the way, “you” are who I have been looking for/searching for…for YEARS! Truly…I have hit the JACKPOT…and have told everyone I know today! I loved that my students suggested and voted to do racism because it is such a HUGE problem…but unfortunately, it is entirely too touchy in our society today (always for that matter). I think their route they have chosen will reach/impact others which is [...]

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PYP Learning Defined! Hint – Inquiry Learning is Included….

Fellow PYP Teachers, have you ever been asked: What is PYP Learning? PYP encompasses SO MUCH, that it's difficult to provide a simple answer. I've found a wonderful video [More...]

The IB Library Makes Semi-Finalist In the BEA Startup Challenge – A Big Leap for Inquiry Education

The annual BookExpo America (BEA) is North America’s largest gathering of book trade professionals attracting an international audience. The BEA Startup Challenge [More...]

Inquiry Learning: A How To and Why!

Several weeks ago, we presented our definition of Inquiry Learning as an instructional method where teachers present a question or problem to their classrooms, and then step [More...]

IB Conference of the Americas – Will You Be There?

The annual IB Conference of the Americas will be held in Chicago, IL this year from July 23rd - July 26th.  The IB Library is very excited about the upcoming conference! [More...]

How to use The IB Library To Get Childrens Books – FREE!

We recently revealeved that The IB Library was selected by ETeachershub.com as one of the Top 5 free online resources. At The IB Library, we offer “free” usage to [More...]

The IB Library is One of the Top 5 Online Libraries That Offer Free Children’s books!

We all know that we can check books out at the local public library at no charge. Wouldn't it be nice, though, to have free books right at your fingertips?  The IB Library is [More...]

Bringing Anti-Bullying Crusaders Together

I discovered a beautiful story about this wonderful teacher, Tori Nelson. Tori teaches at Winlock Miller Elementary School in Washington State. Her student was being bullied [More...]

Featured Educator: Tiziana Ciccone

Tiziana Ciccone, USA- Reggio Emilia, Montessori Advisor, Teacher Contributor, Author. Tiziana is the Founder, President & Curriculum Director of Reggio Kids. She [More...]

Featured Educator: Rachel McLeod

Rachel McLeod, Australia- IB PYP Coordinator, Teacher Contributor & Advisor Rachel comes from Melbourne, Australia. She gained her Bachelor of Education from Melbourne [More...]

Featured Educator: Bianca Koster

Bianca Koster, China- Vice Principal, IB PYP Coordinator, Teacher Contributor & Advisor Bianca Koster is originally from the Netherlands. She has taught various [More...]