Teacher Says… TIBL you have made my year!

image001 You truly are AMAZING! I love this idea! I cannot wait to share it with my students! This is perfect. I absolutely cannot wait to see what transpires. So EXCITED! (Can you tell?!) Oh, and by the way, “you” are who I have been looking for/searching for…for YEARS! Truly…I have hit the JACKPOT…and have told everyone I know today! I loved that my students suggested and voted to do racism because it is such a HUGE problem…but unfortunately, it is entirely too touchy in our society today (always for that matter). I think their route they have chosen will reach/impact others which is [...]

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The Benefits of Inquiry Learning in a Nutshell!

We're here to talk again about Inquiry Learning! We've provided you with videos that define Inquiry Learning, provide a step by step on how it works, AND show you how to lead [More...]

More Praise for The IB Library’s Inquiry Based Online Digital Library!

Vandana Parasher is the PYP Coordinator for Pathways School Noida in India. She has 11 years experience in the IB field, having taught in CBSE, British, and IB curriculum, in [More...]

Featured Educator: Barbie Monty

Barbie Monty, USA IB PYP Teacher Contributor & Advisor Ms. Monty is currently is a PYP 5th grade teacher and In-service Coordinator for the faculty at CDS IB World [More...]

Lovely Compliment about our Inquiry Based Ebook Library!

Madhuparna Bhattacharyya is the PYP Coordinator of Choithram International School in India. She is passionate about teaching language skills and is working to create a [More...]

More on Inquiry Learning – How to LEAD your Class

We're here to talk again about Inquiry Learning! We've provided you with videos that offer a solid definition of Inquiry Learning, and a step by step on how it works. Today, [More...]

Arts and Crafts naturally fit with Inquiry Learning

Arts and crafts are a natural part of Inquiry Based Learning for EYP and PYP students. Tiny hands work with paints, crayons, blocks and other materials. While the hands are [More...]

Inquiry Based Learning – STEP by STEP!

We've provided a 'how to' on Inquiry Learning a couple of weeks ago, but this short and simple video provides a true Step-By-Step. From EteachersHub.com, we are proud to [More...]

Inquiry Learning Defined!

We've written posts before defining the concept of Inquiry Learning, but this video from ETeachersHub.com does it best! Mrs. Lisa MacLeod Director, Teacher and Parent [More...]

Dual Language Learning Delays Dementia

Earlier this year, we shared a report showing how the academic performance of dual students in the US lagged behind non-dual language students. The performance gap closes [More...]

Inquiry Learning Challenge – Four Million ESL Students

Earlier this year, we learned English emerged as the language of innovation. Following global language trends is critical for IB Educators to ensure proper dual language [More...]