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Author’s Dual Language Experience – “…humbled – and thrilled…”

Sherrill S. Cannon

Award winning children’s book author Sherrill Cannon was one our first participants in a Dual Language Experience project. Her book, My Fingerpaint Masterpiece, was used in a collaborative translation project with and Year 3 students of SIS Swiss International School in Brasilia. Sherrill is a former teacher and has won twenty-eight awards for her six previous rhyming books, and is also the author of seven published and internationally performed plays for elementary school children. You can find out more about Sherrill by visiting her author website.

The SIS Brasilia students created their own fingerpaint masterpieces after reading Sherrill’s book. Similar to the story, students decided to include hidden objects in their works of art in order to illustrate the idea of perspective. Here are Sherrill’s thoughts on the Dual Language Experience with The IB Library:

“I can’t tell you how humbled – and thrilled – I am that my story has stimulated such creativity. My heart is smiling.
Thank you so much for making this happen.”
Sherrill Cannon, Author, USA

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Mrs. Lisa MacLeod
Director, Teacher and Parent Advocate
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“PYP (including the Early Years) lays the foundation of International-Mindedness. It opens the minds of Teachers, Students and Families beginning at an early age. When this focus starts in PYP, carries through MYP, then into DP, the International-Mindedness of Students is that much stronger. It is more broad in thinking, less narrow minded or superficial. It doesn’t just skim the surface, it would have had time to grow in the minds and hearts of the Students, with the support of their Teachers and Families, and be very deeply rooted by time they get to DP.” ~ Lisa MacLeod