You have made my year!

2013MontyBarbara[1]You truly are AMAZING! I love this idea! I cannot wait to share it with my students! This is perfect. I absolutely cannot wait to see what transpires. So EXCITED! (Can you tell?!) Oh, and by the way, “you” are who I have been looking for/searching for…for YEARS! Truly…I have hit the JACKPOT…and have told everyone I know today! I loved that my students suggested and voted to do racism because it is such a HUGE problem…but unfortunately, it is entirely too touchy in our society today (always for that matter). I think their route they have chosen will reach/impact others which is always my “heartbeat” during Exhibition. Please continue to “fill my wagon”/inbox if anything else comes to mind. I like “picking your brain”! You definitely have a wealth of knowledge and the best part – you have the resources to back it up!

I must warn you…you will probably hear more from me far more than you will ever want to…just saying. I truly feel like a “kid with a new toy”! You have made my day, my week, and most definitely my year! Have an amazing rest of the day, Amazing “New Neighbor”! – Take care, Barbie Monty – 5th Grade Teacher, Carrollwood Day School


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